What Are Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds are strips of fabric connected at the top to a track allowing them to open and close. The blinds are also connected at the bottom by a chain, which also provides the ability to turn the strips from side to side. This gives you the flexibility to let light in through certain sections of the blind individually using a wand that hangs by the side of the blind.

What’s Great About Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds are an excellent choice for your home as they present many benefits.

●       Privacy

Vertical blinds offer more privacy than other types of blinds because they can still cover your window while letting a lot of light in. If you turn them to face outwards rather than flat against the window, you can maintain privacy without missing out on any natural light.

●       Flexibility

Vertical blinds are incredibly flexible as they work in sections, so you can have certain sections of the room open fully, whilst others remain closed. This is great throughout the summer months when the sun will move around your home, as you can easily prevent direct glare, whilst still allowing natural light into your room.

●       Design

The designs on vertical blinds are unlimited. Although vertical blinds used to be seen as plain white, office-type blinds, this is no longer the case. Now, vertical blinds come in any colour you can imagine and are available with patterned fabrics. You can even have alternating colours and/or patterns for a really modern look.

●       Materials

Vertical blinds can be created in many different fabrics to suit any room or need. You could get ornate, patterned fabrics that match the style of your room, however, you may also want to invest in water-resistant fabrics to hang vertical blinds in your bathroom, or a blackout fabric to keep the sun out of your bedroom. The material’s flexibility makes them suitable for any room in your home.

different blinds fabrics

Which Windows Suit Vertical Blinds?

Because vertical blinds are so versatile, you can get a set for every window in your home. However, they are specifically designed to work well with some types of windows that are notoriously difficult to match with blinds.

Window Shape

If you have a curved window, roller or Venetian blinds won’t work as curved tracks aren’t possible!. However, you can get curved vertical tracks. This works particularly well for bay windows.

Window Size

Large windows or floor-to-ceiling French doors are always a challenge when it comes to fitting blinds. Most blind options don’t allow you to open the door correctly. However, one of the main positives about vertical blinds is that they can work in two different panels, allowing you to open each door individually without affecting the integrity of the blind. When the door is open, the blind sections are easily swept to the side without causing any damage.

Sash Windows

This is also great for homes specifically in Douglas, Isle of Man, where many of the old-style sash windows remain. Vertical blinds remain long enough to cover the whole window, whilst still being able to open the window to let air in, maintaining your privacy, and still allowing proper airflow.

Bespoke Vertical Blinds

Deciding on bespoke blinds is an excellent choice. You’ll ensure that the blinds you choose are unique to your home, giving that lasting impression to your guests. It also means that you can have blinds perfectly measured to fit in your windows, rather than buying those off-the-shelf blinds that leave a few centimetres at either side where those sun rays can peek through. 

At Talbot & Son, we also manufacture vertical blinds right here on our premises using only the highest quality components and fabrics ensuring you receive the best possible quality product. To find out more, get in touch with our team on 01624 629940 or head over to our contact page for more details.

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