Smart Blinds: A Quick Guide

An Introduction to Smart Blinds

Smart blinds are a fairly new invention which are taking the world by storm. Following the release of smartphones back in 2007, the modern world has become accustomed to controlling our homes through our fingertips.

Thanks to advances in modern technology, smart blinds have become much more affordable in recent times; they are no longer a luxury for just the rich and famous.

Smart blinds have been cleverly designed to be easy to remove should you wish to clean them or need to take them down to redecorate or even move home. They are also battery-powered, so won’t leave your home covered in wires and cables – this can be a safer option for an infant’s bedroom than corded blinds.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Blinds 

There are a number of benefits that come with having a smart blind. One of the best reasons for getting a smart blind is the security and peace of mind it can offer you; by putting the blinds on a timer or controlling them when you are not at home with your smartphone, it can be deterring for a burglar as it gives the illusion of someone being at home. 

Being able to control your blinds by your smartphone when you are not at home is also a great way to regulate the temperature of the house – to do this, you will need to know what time the sun hits the windows. At Talbot & Son, we also have the option to add weather or opening sensors to the blinds as a way to effortlessly control your home.

Finally, being woken up by natural daylight can be beneficial to your body and mind as it allows you to wake up gradually as opposed to the harsh alternative of an alarm clock.  

Can You Get Blinds Controlled by Alexa? 

All of the smart blinds available at Talbot & Son can be controlled by Alexa or Google Home so that you can control them using your voice, as well as your smartphone, computer, or tablet. 

Electric Blinds With Talbot and Sons 

For more information regarding any of the smart blinds that we offer at Talbot & Son, please give us a call on 01624 629 940 or email us at Alternatively, you can complete the contact form on our website and a member of our team will give you a call.

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