How Shutters Can Transform Your Kitchen

When looking at ways to transform your kitchen, there’s more to consider than just changing the doors or worktop. The windows aren’t just a way of watching the world go by as you wash-up, they offer an opportunity to dress the room in a multitude of ways that is both practical and beautiful to look at.

Should I get Shutters for my Kitchen? 

Instead of opting for the typical curtains or blinds, interior shutters can transform a room, particularly a kitchen, like no other. If it’s something you haven’t considered before, or are only now coming to terms with the impact they can have, let’s look at how ways shutters can take any kitchen and make it memorable.

Kitchens are a unique room in the house. It’s the only room that you have to deal with stubborn kitchen smells, grease and spills. It’s because of this environment that the window dressing you use has a different role to play, compared to other rooms in the house.  It doesn’t just have to look good, it needs to be practical too.

If you choose blinds or curtains in the kitchen, then there’s a real danger that the fabric will absorb the moisture in the air and smells when cooking. This makes any splashes they succumb to difficult to remove. These problems disappear when using kitchen shutters, they’re waterproof for a start, so can withstand kitchens where liquid and moisture are commonplace. It also means they won’t go mouldy and are very easy to clean with just a simple wipe down.

Benefits of Window Shutters

With all the tasks we all have to do to keep our homes clean, having window dressing that helps, rather than hinders, can only be a good thing. Curtains and blinds, even those made specifically for kitchens, are difficult to maintain. Curtains will have to be regularly taken down and washed and blinds, by design, are a pain to keep dust and grime free. Because the louvres on shutters are much wider and manoeuvrable, they are much easier to wipe down and keep looking their best. Also, most shutters have UV protection and are sealed, meaning they won’t fade or discolour like most blinds will.

Another real benefit of choosing shutters for your kitchen is how adaptable they are. If your kitchen looks out onto the street, then your home is always going to be visible to those outside looking in. Shutters not only allow you to control who gets to see in and how much, but also the amount of sunlight coming in. Simply tilt the louvres up or down, or close them completely and you get to keep control of both your privacy and exposure.

Shutters can be fitted in sizes to suit all windows. Whether you want full height, tier on tier or cafe-style shutters, you can find a style that suits your style and requirements.

For all the benefits that interior kitchen shutters bring you, the one factor that people love about them more than any other is that they look absolutely fantastic. Whether you choose classic white or mix the colours up a bit, whether they’re open or closed, shutters blend the design aesthetic of tradition with a timeless style that makes any home feel more welcoming. To paraphrase the famous Snow Patrol song; crack the shutters open wide and bathe in the light of day.

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