Are Interior Shutters Waterproof?

Interior shutters provide a beautiful finish to any room. They’re modern and practical, and come in any design to match any interior. They also play an important role in maintaining privacy and keeping the sun out. However, in some situations, it’s likely that you’ll need that extra element of practicality using waterproof interior shutters.

Are All Interior Shutters Waterproof?

Unfortunately, not all interior shutters are waterproof.

Shutters can come in a few different materials, which will look great depending on the style of your home. However, while choosing a material to match your décor might give you that designer finish that you’re looking for, it might not be the best option practically or financially.

Wooden interior shutters usually aren’t waterproof. Wooden shutters are the original material, making them the traditional option to block out sun and noise. They can also come in multiple different colours and designs to suit any need.

However, wood isn’t known to stand up too well to damp. This means they could warp with the moisture or become discoloured from mildew. You may need to replace them sooner than you’d planned.

Waterproof shutters UK come in ABS plastic, giving them all the benefits of traditional interior shutters with the extra appeal of being waterproof and lightweight. This material covers your windows adequately, looks great and meets all of your practical requirements.

Why Would You Want Waterproof Shutters?

Waterproof interior shutters fit flush to your windows in any room. This often means that they come into contact with condensation on your windows if it’s cold outside.

Waterproof shutters UK are also likely to be fitted in a kitchen or bathroom. These are two rooms in the home where privacy and light control is essential. The steam in these rooms could also mean that your blinds get wet from the inside too.

With high-quality plastic shutters, you can guarantee that your shutters won’t become misshapen or mouldy. They’re also much easier to wipe clean with a damp cloth, leaving them looking brand new.

These interior shutters look just as good as the traditional wooden ones but are much more cost-effective as they’re likely to last longer.

Are Waterproof Interior Shutters More Expensive?

Waterproof interior shutters are actually a little cheaper than traditional wooden ones. This is because heavy wooden shutters cost more to craft and shape and the process of purchasing the wooden costs more.

While the wood gives an amazing look to begin with, it’s much more likely to age quickly, meaning that the upkeep of plastic waterproof shutters is actually much cheaper too.

Waterproof Shutters With Talbots & Son

Vienna shutters by Talbots & Son are created using the finest quality ABS plastic – the same material used to make helmets – so you can ensure safety and security.

The material isn’t just waterproof, but it’s resistant to heat and stronger than PVC, making it the ideal choice for any room to avoid water damage and keep out the hot sun. Contact Talbots & Son today to explore perfect fit waterproof interior shutters UK and obtain a quote from their friendly and helpful experts.

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